The Royal Academy of Illustration & Design, known as RAID, is a dynamic artist collective and creative agency nestled in Toronto’s historic Parkdale neighborhood. Our core focus lies in nurturing innovative concepts, fostering idea development, and crafting captivating visual solutions through the realms of illustration, design, and sequential art.

As Canada’s leading studio for sequential arts, and a steadfast advocate for Toronto’s comic scene, RAID takes pride in assuming a civic duty to unite our expansive creative community. The inception of the RAID Social stemmed from this commitment, envisioned as a grand celebration to welcome the illustrious guests and celebrities of FAN EXPO CANADA, the third largest pop culture expo in North America, drawing over 125,000 attendees across a four-day extravaganza. Over time, our event has evolved, now attracting individuals from diverse creative and media industries, effectively transforming the RAID Social into a central hub for networking and collaboration in the Toronto creative sphere.