In the shimmering ambiance of the 2023 RAID Social, our creative community celebrated a triumphant return after a prolonged hush during the pandemic. Although it was meant to be our 11th gathering, the 8th official RAID Social became a vibrant testament to our resilience.

The event buzzed with the energy of both old friends reuniting and new connections blossoming. Artists, writers, and enthusiasts converged, painting the night with shared passions and creative fervor. This social wasn’t just a gathering; it was a spirited leap forward, showcasing the indomitable spirit of our community.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who graced the event, infusing it with life and creativity. Your presence reaffirmed the belief that art knows no boundaries. Cheers to the memories made, the friendships kindled, and the artistic horizons we’ll explore!

With gratitude,

The RAID Family.

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PS / It’s amazing how with a handful of props, and a whole lot of good people, things get silly…

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Event was sponsored by R.A.I.D. Inc, the ecosystem curated for creatives. Event photos courtesy of Paul Hillier Photography, and Photo Booth photos courtesy of Memorable Moments.